27 February 2012

how to reinstall nokia by default softwares

hi,,,is your nokia mobile not working properly?? you might have caught some virus.
virus can be in two ways in nokia mobiles:-
1)  Virus in the memory card.
2)  Virus in the phone memory.

in the case of the virus in the memory card(micro SD) its not a big issue what u have to do is to scan your memory card with the updated antivirus in your computer,,,u can make the use of the card reader or datacables of the mobiles.. u can format ur memory card also.

But the case is that if the virus has infected ur phone memory then it would a bit long task.
Symptoms of mobile phones if its phone memory is infacted::--

1) a message in ur screen appears "Not enough memory delete some items" even that u have formatted ur phone memory.

2) ur phone is  working very slow speed.

3) if u download themes for ur nokia mobiles and that themes gets corrupeted when u apply it.


1) Firstly u try to format ur whole phone.( Go to menu-Settings-Restore factory setting-Restore all,,,after that it will ask u for the security code( by default code is 12345),now ur fone will formatted.

2) Problem is yet not solved now what u have to do is to reinstall the softwares, for that u have to download the nokia ovi suite,(http://download.cnet.com/Nokia-Ovi-Suite/3000-18511_4-10972355.html) .

3) Install it and Connect ur fone with the help of the datacable of nokia mobile...go to the ovi software updates and clik on the option of the reinstall softwares... Thus you have done it !

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